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Corral the Grease This Thanksgiving

Posted by Will Alfaro on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving dishes are typically high in fats, oils and greases, also known as FOG, and what have we learned this year? That’s right, we must coral the grease. FOG is harmful to our pipes and can cause unsanitary and smelly sewage blockages and overflows. So make sure this Thanksgiving holiday to encourage your residents to collect any fat, oil or grease into a separate but sealed container. 

Be sure to remind your residents: Do not use garbage disposals to get rid of your FOG. Running hot tap water will not float the FOG safely down the pipe – it will cool and harden as it travels causing a major buildup.

Residents can use practically anything as a container including tin cans, mason jars, jam jars and solo cups lined with tin foil. To make it easier on your residents, and your pipes, the City of Houston’s Corral the Grease provide universally fitting lids free of charge via https://services.publicworks.houstontx.gov/ctg/order-form or by contacting Bill Goloby at 832-395-4965 or at bill.goloby@houstontc.gov

Then, encourage them to dispose of their sealed container of grease with their regular trash or recycle. Use this link https://www.publicworks.houstontx.gov/pud/oil-ops.html to find information on where you can recycle your used cooking oil. Please feel free to include those locations in any information you may provide your residents in reference to FOG collection.

EbioSol is a Houston-based recycling company that recycles FOG into a biofuel. EbioSol partnered with Woodway Square Apartments in 2014 and after two years the property felt a 50 percent reduction in plumbing costs and related service requests. Visit their website to learn more about their program and its benefits via www.ebiosol.com.

Property owners who are interested in a business partnership may contact Fabian Wolff at fwolff@ebiosol.com or 713-540-8459. 


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