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Resident Relations Committee

There are two Resident Relations Committees which meet to resolve resident-owner disputes regarding security deposit refunds. Each committee meets monthly or as needed at the HAA building.

The Resident Relations Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the Houston Apartment Association Board and appointed to a term of two years or until successor is appointed.


The Resident Relations Committees consists of owners/supervisors, managers, and supplier (vendor) members, led by an owner/supervisor chairperson. Each committee person is appointed for one year or until a successor is appointed by the chairperson.


Any committee person absent from three meetings shall be regarded as a disinterested party and a successor will be appointed by the chairperson.


The Resident Relations Committees meet once every other month, or as needed. 


Committee members review information and documentation submitted to HAA by the resident and by the property manager and then render a decision based on this information.  In most instances when a committee sides with a resident, it’s because the property fails to provide adequate documentation to substantiate their charges.  




a) Personal appearances and/or oral testimony by either the resident or the owner are not permitted. All cases are reviewed and decisions made based on written documentation provided.


b) Opinions, emotions, verbal agreements, etc. cannot be documented; therefore, they must not be used in ruling on cases.


c) Cases where the resident has engaged an attorney are not heard by the committee.


d) Cases should never be held over--both the resident and the management company are given ample time to respond prior to the case being scheduled for committee review.


e) Cases lacking response from owner will be ruled in favor of the resident.


f) Each committee member will be provided with a case history on all cases to be

discussed, in advance of each meeting and all cases are to be reviewed prior to each meeting.


g) Each case is assigned to specific committee persons for presentation to the committee. When presenting a case to the committee, the committee person should state briefly the facts of the case and present their findings in the form of a motion. After the motion has been seconded, discussion will be called for, prior to voting.


h) Motions should be based on a clause in the lease agreement or references from the Redbook.


i) The Resident Relations Committees can in no way dictate company policy for HAA members but when poor business practices are seen in the cases reviewed, it is acceptable to suggest to that member that they may want to review a particular situation. These suggestions are not to be a part of the case summary, but rather comments directed to the company only in a "sharing of information" from the committee. 

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