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The 2017 Honors - Property Awards Program

  • Property Nominations due on Friday, March 31!

    To promote more participation in the property awards program, categories will be decided based on the type (age, size, style) and number of nominations received.

    Previous Honors award winners are not eligible for consideration again for the same property for three years.

    •   Must own/manage asset since at least July 1st, 2016 to submit application for nomination.
  • Nominator Information:

  • Property Information:

  • Owner/ Management Info:

    •   Senior Living Property
    •   Student Housing
    •   Tax Credit/Affordable Housing
  • Submissions will be judged on meeting criteria with detailed information about:

    1. Resident Service (maintenance, overall customer service, amenities)*

    2. Physical Appearance/Curb Appeal (interior and exterior, models, office/common areas)*

    3. Community Service (Community revitalization, involvement, environmental initiatives)*

    4. Operating Performance (stabilized)
          2015   2016
      For lease ups, when no previous year information is available, please provide performance information as related to lease up projections, budgets or proformas. i.e., is property performing as projected?

    5. What makes your property stand out*

  • Online Resource:

    Enter URL address if available
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  • Disclaimer - Nomination may be disqualified if application is incomplete.