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AVENUES: Special Pandemic Session on Customer Service
Thursday, August 20, 2020 08:30 AM
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Avenues: Main Street


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Main Street

Programs on Main Street are designed for all on-site and entry-level multifamily professionals, including:

  • Leasing Professionals
  • Managers
  • Maintenance personnel 

Main Street Programs cover the fundamental subjects of multifamily:

  • Fair Housing
  • Customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Communication
  • Life skills

Detailed Session Descriptions

Avenues: Main Street - 1

February 5th 
Once Upon A Time – Selling through Storytelling 
With Lisa Trosien 

If you're still dumping information on your customer about rental rates, square footages, and other information they can't process quickly, you're doing it wrong. Your customers will retain more information and make a connection with you through storytelling as a leasing technique. Stories appeal to both logic and emotions - exactly what you want to do when making a sale to a prospective renter! They will be able to visualize themselves living in your apartments, as well as encourage them to lease. The 'call to action' is an essential part of the story. Join me in this fast paced session that provides you with the essential skills you need to build your collection of 'pocket stories' that will improve your sales techniques as well as your closing success. 


Avenues: Main Street– 2 
June 11th
Pot, Pit Bulls, Parking, Felons and Other Fair Housing Pitfalls!
With Anne Sadovsky  

Are you frustrated by trying to keep up with what is happening with Fair Housing?

Do we really have to lease to criminals now? Can your residents smoke pot on your property? Does pot have the same rules as cigarettes? Can you make your residents not smoke anything?  Aren't pit bulls dangerous? Can they be assist animals?

You are out of parking spaces. Do you have to let every disabled person have a reserved spot?  What if other handicapped people park in a reserved spot?

Your boss is concerned about using social media. Can you get sued if you say the wrong things?  Don't miss this hot Fair Housing Seminar! Anne will answer your questions and make you question your answers!  Great information, graphics and stories!


Avenues: Main Street - 3
August 20 
Leasing In a Saturated Market: Stand Out with Personal Branding
With Lisa Trosien 


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