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Fair Housing Seminar
Thursday, November 29, 2018 08:30 AM
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Fair Housing Training

Pot, Pit Bulls, Parrots, Parking and Perps – Today’s Pitfalls in Fair Housing
Join Anne Sadovsky, CAM, CAPS, CSP, and learn the answers to your Fair Housing questions, such as:


 • Do we now have to rent to criminals?
• Do I have to print all my documents in different languages?
• Who is responsible for translating if the prospective resident doesn’t speak English?
• Can I evict a resident who keeps calling 911 because of her ex-spouse?
• My boss says we need to stop writing with black ink. Is that true?
• We have so many handicapped parking spaces that others can’t find a place to park? Is there a limit?
• A resident has a new puppy and when questioned says that it is her emotional support animal. I think that isn’t true. What can I do?
• A prospect has a parrot and claims that it is a service animal. Can a bird do that?
• An applicant has a certificate saying his kitten is a service animal. The document looks fake to us. How should we handle it?
• We have discovered a hoarder on our property. When we approached her, she cried and said she could not part with her treasures. Her neighbors report bad smells from her apartment. What should we do?
• Residents are complaining about the smell of marijuana smoke coming one particular apartment. We have asked the pot smoker about it and he denies it. What should we do?
• The maintenance tech found a marijuana plant growing in a resident’s apartment. It’s just one little plant. Can we just ignore it?
• A female resident says that one of our employees patted her on bottom. He says they always hug when they say hello and she usually initiates the hug. Do we have a problem?


 Anne will answer your questions and may make you question your own answers!


Program Information

Date: November 29th
Time:  8:30am Registration; 9:00am-12:00pm Program
Fee: $89.00 prepay with a credit card; $99 if invoiced or paying at the door
Location:  HAA Education Center; 4810 Westway Park Blvd; Houston 77041 


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