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Event Date(s)

Avenues: Maintenance 1
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Maintenance - Session II
Thursday, October 10, 2019 08:30 AM

Avenues Maintenance - Session III
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 08:30 AM

APPLE: Maintenance Track

Maintenance workshops are designed for

  • Maintenance technicians
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Housekeepers
  • Porters

Detailed Session Descriptions



APPLE:  Maintenance - Session 1 
February 21st 
 HVAC Industry Changes 
 With Andrew Maloch, Chadwell Supply 
Learn about the most recent updates in HVAC changes going on in our industry including troubleshooting, diagnostics/repair, and solutions to some of the new requirements. The seminar includes helpful information on how to charge using Super-heat and Sub-cooling and how to convert to Dew Point and Bubble Point as will be required for some of these new refrigerants.


 APPLE:  Maintenance - Session 2
September 18th 
Quick and Efficient Turnovers 
With Don Willard
The apartment community staff has an enormous role to play in quick and efficient turnovers on the apartment community. We will provide the tools and the knowledge to help improve the efficiency of your turnovers and ideas to get your apartments back on the market quicker. You and your staff will have a new and more in-depth understanding of how to effectively manage turnovers.  This session will cover: 
  Organizing to improve production 
  Unit inspection techniques 
  Strategies to reduce callbacks on new move-ins 
  Supplies and tools used in the Make-ready process 
  Make-ready preventive maintenance 
  and more!

This useful information will translate into reduced costs and higher levels of resident satisfaction with less callback.


APPLE:  Maintenance - Session 3
November 14th 
OSHA Compliance
 With Don Willard
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rule and regulations that must be followed in the multi-family industry. This informative session will cover both the employer and employee’s responsibilities when it comes to federal OSHA regulations. This session will cover: 
  ● The required OSHA Blood borne pathogen training 
  Lock-out/Tag-out standards for technicians 
  Job safety and health facts 
  OSHA required emergency preparedness for the workplace 
  Workplace Hazards assessment and our responsibilities 
  Chemical hazards, storage, labeling and training requirements 
  Discontinued Material Safety Data Sheets and the new SDS training requirements 
  Hepatitis-B standard for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms 
  Required emergency preparedness at the workplace 
  Hazard Communications, recordkeeping and responsibilities 
  All the In-house training required by OSHA federal regulations
 Personal Protection Equipment, federal requirements and training 
  OSHA Inspection procedures, priorities, our rights and responsibilities 
  Required OSHA recordkeeping, death or accident reporting procedures 
  Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eyewash stations 
  Digging, ladders, electrical, torch requirements 
  OSHA electrical regulations


  Program Times

8:30 a.m. - Check-in begins
9 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Program

Course Location

Unless otherwise noted, all HAA Education classes and events will take place at the Dinerstein Reed Prokop Education Center, 4810 Westway Park Blvd., Houston, Texas 77041. 

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