CAM: Marketing 

Date and Time
3/19/2019 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Dinerstein Reed Prokop Education Center HAA/HAF Office Building 4810 Westway Park Blvd. Houston

Course Synopsis: Identify the components of an effective Marketing Plan, Use resources to effectively gather and calculate data needed in a Marketing Plan, Develop a Marketing Plan - Analyze a market including competitors, identify the internal market readiness of a property, perform an economic analysis of a property, Analyze and draw conclusions from a Market Plan using the SWOT methodology, Add value to a property through use of rental income, rates, and/or adjustments, Add value to a property through managing occupancy, Select and write an effective recommendation Identify types of promotion, Identify types of advertising media, Develop a budget for a Marketing Plan, Measure the success of a Marketing Plan

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