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City Ordinance Guide


An Apartment Manager's Guide to Houston Ordinances and Codes



The links to sections of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances are at the bottom of this page. Included in the links are commentary from HAA staff, including phone numbers for departmental contacts. These phone numbers may change, but were current as of the posting date.  


This publication of the Houston Apartment Association City Ordinance Guide is designed to furnish apartment owners and managers with a brief and concise compilation of the most pertinent city ordinances affecting the day-to-day management of an apartment property. It should not be considered the only or ultimate authority in the area, nor should it be considered a substitute for professional legal counsel. 


It should be noted that the Houston City Council meets weekly to consider changes to its Code of Ordinances. Before making any major decisions based on ordinances, as they are printed here, consult HAA or the City of Houston to make sure the ordinances have not changed.  


This publication, in its entire contents, is copyrighted. All rights are reserved to the authors and the Houston Apartment Association, Inc., and Houston Multi-Housing Corporation, Inc. Any reproduction of same without prior written consent of the Houston Apartment Association, Inc., is expressly prohibited.  




The Houston City Ordinance Guide was produced through the efforts of Houston Apartment Association Staff: Andy Teas, CAE, Vice President of Government Affairs; Jeff Hall, CAE, Executive Vice President and Aimee Bertrand, Public Affairs Specialist. HAA General Counsel, Howard M. Bookstaff, with the firm of Hoover Slovacek LLP, also assisted in the production of this guide.  


Abandonment of Streets, Alleys and Easements  

Animal Licenses/Vaccinations 

Balcony Railings 

Building Permits"  

Buildings Constituting Fire Hazards  

Burglar and Fire Alarms  

Cleanup after Demolition or Removal of Structures  

CURB (Comprehensive Urban Rehabilitation and Building Minimum Standards  

Dangerous Dogs 

Deed Restriction Affadavit 

Deed Restriction Compliance 

FAST Team/Nuisance Abatement 


Junked Vehicles 

Neighborhood Nuisances 

Numbering of Buildings and Units 

Rat Control