Avenues: Marketing PL - 1

Avenues: Marketing PL - 1
Follow a road that fits you career journey with Avenues. The Avenues series of seminars feature some of the best nationally-acclaimed speakers in the industry with learning sessions for every level of multifamily professional. Sponsored by: ALN Apartment Data

The Retention Reinvention
Featuring, Katie Rigsby

Audience: Regional Managers, Property Managers, Assistant Managers & Leasing Teams

We've all seen the spatula and pancake mix with that cutesy note that says, "We flippin' love you!"and while a small gesture and friendly note can definitely earn you some brownie points, it takes a lot more than that to retain today's residents. In this interactive session, Katie takes a fresh look at creating a successful resident retention plan with an easy to follow guide. After challenging attendees to re-think resident retention, she facilitates an interactive brainstorming session where every attendee will leave with complete access to the ideas we share. Attendees of this session will:

• Be challenged to re-think resident retention and what that means to them
• Identify the key elements of a successful resident retention plan
•  Brainstorm fresh ideas and strategies for retaining residents

6/22/2021 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
4810 Westway Park Blvd Houston, TX 77041

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