Apartment Angels are active volunteers providing support for the organization's community service projects.  To join this group, contact Susan at shinkley@haaonline.org

2021 Community Service Events and Projects

Food Bank Food Drive - November 1-November 29
HAA has participated in the annual Share Your Holidays food drive since 1983. Properties and member companies can collect people and pet food and drop off at our two locations - Camp Construction and Cotton Commercial.  
The food is then taken to the Food Bank to help feed Houstonians.  Click here for more info Food Drive Details 

A Welcome Kit Drive for Houston Welcomes Refugees  
HAA partnered with Houston Welcomes Refugees and purchased supplies to help put together "welcome cleaning kit" drive.  Many refugees arrive in the United States with next to nothing. Help them rebuild their lives by putting together a kit that will provide them with essentials to help them begin again with hope and honor.  Many thanks to all the members who donated cleaning items, we were able to donate 40 kits!
If you missed our deadline, you can still donate. Here is an Amazon wish list link to easily purchase. HAA Refugee Kit Purchase Link 

Blood Drive-June 23 and November 5 - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 

Please use the link sign up to donate  
Thank you to all of our members and staff who have donated blood for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  According to The Blood Center, one unit of donated blood can save up to three lives. Collection will be at the HAA office, 4810 Westway Park Blvd, 77041.  If you can donate, that would be great.  If not, promoting the drive would be helpful.    

Breakfast Bags for Seniors -June - August
Throughout the summer we will help InterFaith Ministries assembly breakfast bags to be delivered to homebound seniors.  If you would like to help, reach out to Susan at shinkley@haaonline.org.