In pursuit of an ever-increasing level of professionalism, the Apartment Community Executives & Supervisors group has created a vehicle to interface with members and exchange information and knowledge. Additionally, such a society affords the opportunity for educational programs and presentations; subjects of mutual industry concerns. This society will allow for greater knowledge of a contribution to the political and legislative needs of the industry. ACES creates an educational forum through which members are able to significantly increase their professionalism and expertise. The ACES group is intended for those on the property management side of HAA membership in an executive or leadership role, including but not limited to:

Vice President
Regional Supervisor
Portfolio Supervisor
Marketing Director
Training Director


ACES luncheons will be held four times each year. Any HAA member meeting the criteria of the ACES group listed above. Based on the content of ACES luncheons, those in the ACES category may also choose to invite their management staff to any of the ACES luncheons, with the understanding that the person invited is on track for an executive or leadership position within their company.

2024 Dates
February 23
June 7 
September 13 
December 13

Attendance for this event is open to property supervisors, executives, and program sponsors only.


For more information, please contact the Education Department at education@haaonline.org