The Independent Owner Success program is offered to the rental owner who manages their personally-held multifamily property or properties. Independent rental owners who take the course will learn the many business practices of professional property managers.

Course Schedule and Fees:

  • Thursday, October 3rd9:30 am – 4 pm and Friday, October 4th 9:30 am – 4 pm
  • Total Program Cost: $350 for members; $455 for non-members 
  • This is a tentative schedule as discussion time and presentation of materials may alter these dates.
  • Instructor: Stephanie Graves, CAPS, CAM, IROP, NAA Faculty

Thursday - October 3rd 

  • Human Resource Basics - It all starts with people!!
    • Searching & Hiring
    • Training & Monitoring
    • Staying out of Legal Trouble
  • Analyzing the Asset
    • Before you Buy -- Due Diligence
    • Underwriting the Deal – Proforma & Deal Analysis
    • Budgets, Renovation and Cap Ex Considerations – Guest Speaker
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
    • Setting up the right framework, Entity control
    • Insurance, how much and what are current trends – Guest Speaker
    • Taxes – Guest Speaker
    • Legal considerations – What can you plan for?  How much can you plan for?


Friday - October 4th 

  • Asset Management VS Property Management-what is the perfect formula?
  • Managing the Asset
    • Rent Collection, Security Deposit Management Eviction Procedures
    • Property Maintenance
    • Marketing and Rental Rate Establishment
    • Software, AI, Streamlining
    • Lease and Addenda
  • Rental Unit and Common Area Preparation
  • Renting to Prospects
  • Resident Retention and Renewals