Expanded screening services from SafeRent Solutions and the Houston Apartment Association's Rental Credit Reporting Service.

The Houston Apartment Association (www.haaonline.org) and SafeRent Solutions have partnered to expand your resident screening options.  

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Our partnership has expanded Rental Credit Reporting so you have more resources to choose from to make consistent, accurate, and Fair Housing compliant leasing decisions.

Our integrated service also offers HAA members access to:

  • Nationwide rental history and landlord-tenant records (including the RCR database)
  • Broader criminal screening data
  •  Automated leasing decisions from the industry-leading applicant scoring model
  • Quick and effortless screening - information is entered into an easy-to-use web application and a decision is delivered instantly
  • Cost effective - automated decisions save your staff time

For questions about RCR, additional screening services or the Service Agreement, please call:

Houston Apartment Association
(713) 595-0300 

For additional SafeRent Solutions screening services
Christin Ryals
VP of Sales 
SafeRent Solutions (formerly CoreLogic)
(817) 776-0547