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Leadership Lyceum

HAA created this leadership development program to identify high-caliber, effective, well-informed industry professionals and educate them on the mission and strategic objectives of the association and its affiliated associations.

Who is eligible?  

Individuals working for HAA members are eligible to apply. If you have three or more years of multifamily property management experience and have served on an HAA committee you may apply.  If you are a supplier partner, you will need at least two years experience working for a supplier company and have served on an HAA committee.   

What does the program include?    

The program includes four - five sessions with specific topics, with a half a day commitment and attendance at other committee meetings which typically last on average of an hour.  We schedule the sessions to occur the first half of the year.  You have two years to complete the program so if you miss a session this year, you can catch it when it is offered the following year.    

How many people will be selected?

Up to 15 individuals will be selected for each class.           

How do I apply?  

If you would like to apply for the 2019 class, please contact Susan at shinkley@haaonline.org   for an application.  Your application must be accompanied by TWO letters of recommendation.  One letter of recommendation should be from a supervisor and the 2nd letter from a colleague active in the industry.  The Leadership Development Committee, comprised of HAA Executive Committee leaders, past lyceum graduates and Past Presidents of HAA will review applications and select participants.  Applicants will be notified after the committee meets, typically in early December.

Once I complete the program how will I be recognized as a graduate? 

All candidates that have completed the full program by the end of May will be recognized at the Awards event in June.   Candidates who complete the program by the end of October will receive recognition and their HAA Lyceum pin at the Annual Business Meeting in November. 

All graduates will also receive recognition in HAA’s monthly magazine ABODE and the website. 

Program Topics

All sessions will be offered from January - May of 2019

Session I- Essential Leadership Qualities

Session II - Media Relations and Training

Session III - Building Effective Advocacy Initiatives at Local and State Level/Public Affairs and Community Outreach

Session IV - Professional Development/Multi Family Career Promotion and Inside HAA, TAA and NAA

Questions? Contact Susan at shinkley@haaonline.org 

Lyceum Graduates 

  • Jeff Blevins, Apartment Finder
    Anita Alberger

  • Grant Almquist, Texas Apartment Pool Services
    Grant Almquist
    Texas Apartment Pool Services
  • Blanca Anderson, CAPS, Asset Plus
    Blanca Anderson, CAPS
    Asset Plus Companies
  • Debbie Andreozzi, Capstone Real Estate Services
    Debbie Andreozzi
    Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Candis Austin, CAS, AAA Plumbers
    Candis Mohr, CAS
    AAA Plumbers
  • Mark Billig, CAM, Southhampton Management
    Mark Billig, CAM
    Venterra Realty
  • Jeff Blevins, CAS, Camp Construction Services
    Jeff Blevins, CAS
    Camp Construction Services
  • Marivel Bownds, CAS, Valet Waste
    Marivel Bownds, CAS
    Valet Living
  • Kyle Brown, Milestone Management
    Kyle Brown
    Milestone Management
  • Carina Bryars, Greystar
    Carina Bryars
  • Dixie Caldwell Greer, CAS, Liberty Group
    Dixie Caldwell Greer, CAS
    Liberty Group
  • Brandon Coleman, NALP, CAM, Central Management
    Brandon Coleman, NALP, CAM
  • Grant Crowell, CAS, Urban Foresters
    Grant Crowell, CAS
    Urban Foresters
  • John Dang, CAM, Mosaic Residential
    John Dang, CAM, CAPS
    Mosaic Residential
  • Deborah DeRouen, CAS
    Deborah DeRouen, CAS
    Zumper, Inc
  • Derek DeVries, CAS
    Derek DeVries, CAS
    Camp Construction Services
  • Scott Douglas, CAM, CAPS, Creative Property Management
    Scott Douglas, CAM, CAPS
    Creative Property Management
  • Frank Farrera, CAM, Judwin Properties
    Frank Farrera, CAM
    Judwin Properties
  • Brian Febbo, CAS, FSI Construction
    Brian Febbo, CAS
    FSI Construction
  • Kevin Fenn, CAS, Pavecon
    Kevin Fenn, CAS
  • Margie Fielder, CAPS, Morgan Group
    Margie Fielder, CAPS
    Morgan Group
  • Paula Forshee, Cataylst Property Mgmt
    Paula Forshee
    Catalyst Property Solutions
  • Melissa Friend, Greystar
    Melissa Friend
  • Tammie Garcia, CAM, Greystar
    Tammie Garcia, CAM, CAPS
  • Israel Garza, CAS, Maintenance Supply HQ
    Israel Garza, CAS
    Maintenance Supply HQ
  • Diane Gilbert, CAS, Greystone Asset Management
    Diane Gilbert
    Asset Plus Companies
  • Kurt Gilpin, CAPS
    Kurt Gilpin, CAPS
    Keener Management
  • Monica Gracia, Michael Stevens Interests
    Monica Gracia
    Michael Stevens Interests
  • Stephanie Graves, Asset Plus
    Stephanie Graves, CAM, CAPS
    Q10 Property Advisors
  • Clark Gregg, NALP, CAPS, The Morgan Group
    Clark Gregg, NALP, CAPS
    Fidus Construction Services
  • Ira Gross, Integrity Asset Mgmt
    Ira Gross, CAPS
    Integrity Asset Mgmt
  • Bryan Head, CAM, Harbor Group Management
    Bryan Head, CAM
    Dayrise Residential
  • Amber Hyde, Southhampton Management
    Amber Hyde, CAM. CAPS
    CWS Apartment Homes
  • Julie Marie Irvin, Keystone Resources
    Julie Marie Irvin, NALP
  • Crystal Jackson, CAM, CAPS, Pinnacle
    Crystal Jackson, CAM, CAPS
    The Dinerstein Companies
  • Dan James, CAS, R & E Redevelopment
    Dan James, CAS
    Redevelopment Services
  • Alan Jones, CASE, Glidden Professional
    Alan Jones, CASE
    PPG Architectural Coatings
  • Debbie Kelm, Milestone Mgmt
    Debbie Kelm
    Milestone Mgmt
  • Nina Kirtley, Ascension Real Estate Services
    Nina Kirtley, CAPS
    American Realty Investors
  • Debra Knight, CAS, For Rent Media Solutions
    Debra Knight, CAS
    Valet Living
  • Jacob Kunath, Century A/C Supply
    Jacob Kunath, CAS
    Century A/C Supply
  • Barby Lake, CAPS, Westdale Asset Mgmt
    Barby Lake, CAPS
    Westdale Asset Mgmt
  • Laura Lestus, CAS
    Laura Lestus, CAS
    The Liberty Group
  • Liz Levins, CAS, Criterion Brock
    Liz Levins, CAS
    Rasa Floors
  • Vi Lewis, CAM
    Vi Lewis, CAM, CAPS

  • David Lindley, CAS
    David Lindley, CAS
    FSI Construction
  • Courtney Lindley-Vitek, CAM, Greystar
    Courtney Lindley-Vitek, CAM
    City Gate Property Group
  • Georgeanne Longoria, CAPS, Hettig Management
    Georgeanne Longoria, CAPS
    Hettig Management
  • Robert Lopes, CAPS, Mosaic Residential
    Robert Lopes, NALP, CAM, CAPS, CAMT
    Relik Realty
  • Tom Loughridge, CAM, CAPS, Greystar
    Tom Loughridge, CAM, CAPS
  • Betsy Marshall, CAS, Criterion Brock
    Betsy Marshall, CAS
    Allied Orion Group
  • Ryan McGrath, Asset Plus Companies
    Ryan McGrath
    Asset Plus Companies
  • Kristin McLaughlin, CASE, Criterion Brock
    Kristin McLaughlin, CASE 
    Mohawk Industries
  • Veronica Mier,CAM,  Francis Property Mgmt
    Veronica Mier, CAM, CAPS
    CWS Apartment Homes
  • David Nargang, BH Management
    David Nargang, CAPS
    NRP Group
  • Carlos Neto, Auburn Regal LLC
    Carlos Neto
    Grove Texas Capital LLC
  • Karen Nelsen, CAM, Finger Companies
    Karen Nelsen, CAM
    ALN Apartment Data
  • Doug Oehl, CAS, Power Express
    Doug Oehl, CAS
    Power Express
  • Dean O'Kelley, CAS, Liberty Personnel/Executive Search
    Dean O'Kelley, CAS
    Liberty Personnel/Executive Search
  • Mark Park, CAS, AAA Plumbers
    Mark Park, CAS
    AAA Plumbers
  • Michelle Pawelek, Greystar
    Michelle Pawelek
  • Jennifer Ramos, CAM, CAPS
    Jennifer Ramos, CAM, CAPS, CAS
    Outdoor Elements
  • Beth Rohani, CAS, Ameritex Movers
    Beth Rohani, CAS
    Ameritex Movers
  • Christy Rodriguez, CAPS, Greystar
    Christy Rodriguez, CAPS
  • Kristin M Settles, NALP, CAM
    Kristin M Settles, NALP, CAM
    Relik Realty
  • Penny Sprang, CAPS, Gables Residential
    Penny Sprang, CAPS
    Gables Residential
  • Natalie Spratt, Vesta Management LLC
    Natalie Spratt, NALP, CAM,CPO, IROP
    Scenic PG LLC
  • Kelley Suess, Greystar
    Kelley Suess
  • Debbie Sulzer, Francis Property Management
    Debbie Sulzer, CAPS
    Francis Property Management
  • Manda Stamm, Judwin Properties
    Manda Gifford
    Judwin Properties
  • Trey Stone, Guardian Equity Mgmt
    Trey Stone
    Stone Legacy Group
  • Sal Thomas, Tarantino Properties
    Sal Thomas
    Tarantino Properties
  • Lindsay Torres, CAM, Relik Realty
    Lindsay Torres, CAM
    Knightvest Management
  • Shelley Watson, Morgan Group
    Shelley Watson
    Morgan Group
  • Susan Wells, CAM, CAPS, Francis Property Management
    Susan Wells, CAM, CAPS
    Francis Property Management
  • Brent Williams
    Brent Williams
    MultiFamily Insiders
  • Quintina Willis, CAM, BH Management
    Quintina Willis, CAM
  • Christina Zimmerman, CAM, CAPS, Greystar
    Christina Zimmerman, CAM, CAPS